Google for Work: The changed Name of Google Enterprise

Before yesterday, the California giant Google Enterprise has renamed its Google offers as google for work, but without changing the proposed offers.

The changed Name of Google Enterprise. Now as Google for Work:

Google for workDo not call anymore Google Enterprise. Yesterday, Google Company has changed its name to Google for Work name now. What for? To target even better workers, which ultimately are already using the tools offered by Google. The offer therefore is now called Google for Work and Google said it had wanted to “reinvent a new way of working” and it is “therefore now time to choose a name that reflects our ambitions. That’s why our products Google Enterprise” is now simply call Google for Work.”

On the supply side, it does not change a bit. The name change ultimately has nothing to do with a change of products, target, or philosophy, but he used to go to them and even better they feel concerned. This is at least what one understands. A communication strategy and marketing as another in short

Whatever may be the case, we wish good luck to this new pattern of doing the same business. I hope all of you will agree with me.

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