HTC has abandoned its project- but why?

HTC is not finally ready to invest aftermarket connected. A draft shows was started but abandoned according to a new rumor. The reasons are primarily financial.

Htc mobilesSeveral new features were expected from HTC within the IFA.

In addition to the Desire 820, a rumor stated that we could also discover two connected accessories. The first was to be a watch Android Wear. The second, a fitness bracelet. Finally, only the smartphone was introduced, and for a very good reason. According PocketLint, HTC has abandoned its plan to watch. The bracelet, indeed it ever existed, may have suffered the same fate.

Is expensive, perhaps too much in the situation of HTC

The rising cost of development of the watch is the cause of this unfortunate abandonment. This, certainly, because the original plan lacked a bit of ambition. He said that the watch does not have that little something extra that would have allowed it to stand out in this market increasingly competitive. It would have been necessary to add features or alter its design to give it a chance and therefore reinvest in research and development.

Given the shaky state of HTC, it is not difficult to understand why he would rather give up. Taiwanese just beginning to turn things around. This is certainly not the best time for a gamble. For if many manufacturers are investing in accessories connected, the sauce barely take the side of consumers. But that may change soon with the arrival of the Moto 360 and R G Watch

Next, the mobile users will eagerly wait to hear from the HTC about its new project.

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