Writing a Case: How to Write a Case in Accounting

Writing a case in Accounting needs, planning, strategy, methodology, organizing and many of the qualities. This article is a part of our series of articles on the case in Accounting. Take a look at How to Read a case in Accounting Part 1 , Part 2 ,Part 3 Part 4 , Part 5 Part 6 and Part 2

First, following the reading of the case, we will write a response. When writing, one must keep in mind that the analysis and the arguments he gives must address the needs and issues expressed by the recipient of the report. Indeed, we must integrate the response to its context and it would be pointless to list all the theoretical elements. presented Response items should be relevant and should not be beyond the scope of work to do, even if it is to support our knowledge. The purpose of writing the case is to share the knowledge that apply to the case, and not the whole theory on the subject. A good idea is to periodically review the job description in order to keep in mind the purpose of the case. Obviously, it is essential to avoid contradictions and to remain consistent with his ideas and opinions.

In general, we should discuss the problems and issues in the customer’s business. Elaborate on what is going well in the company is less and requires less effort, but must still be present. In short, give more time and text to things that go so well as the risks and problems.

Furthermore, although this is not always obvious, we must focus on the essential theoretical concepts and to integrate directly with the case of information in a paragraph, rather than separate the theoretical and practical concepts in two separate paragraphs. The strictly theoretical development should be avoided. If your development could be applied to other cases or in other situations, it is not sufficiently integrated to the case. It is still important to remember to present relevant theoretical knowledge to the case, even if the client seems to know much.

It’s a good idea to structure the text with titles and subtitles. Titles should be clear, concise and must be clear the content of the paragraph. The titles help readers find themselves in the text and structure / plan its response. It is interesting to integrate the titles and subtitles in the response plan during the reading of the case.

When writing, it is also important to take into account the time factor. Indeed, a student who meets the time allocated to a case and using various time management strategies will prevent situations where it will end up writing her case with the remaining time or without having had time to finish. When the case of practice, so it is important to time and not to exceed the allotted time in order to not have problems related to time at important assessments. It is also important to consider and respect the response plan developed while reading the case. Observe the response plan and given time will allow students to deal with all important issues of the case and therefore to maximize points.

It is also essential to consider the evidence present in the case. We must therefore avoid assumptions and respect the framework of discussion of the case. Do not invent hypotheses includes the invention of numbers, data, problems and issues. If the correction does not take into account irrelevant factors and assumptions raised by the student.

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