Why is genetics called the physical branch of biology?

a. What are the units of classification?

There are seven units, generally used in classification. Those are —

  1. Kingdom
  2. Phylum / Division
  3. Class
  4. Order
  5. Family
  6. Genus
  7. Species

b. Why is genetics called the physical branch of biology?

Genetics discusses the theoretical parts of Biology which is the main characteristic of the physical branch of Biology.

c. How will you maintain continuity in scientific naming the plant?

To maintain continuity in naming the plant shown in figure 2, the rules need to be followed are —

  1. Latin words must be used in naming the plant scientifically ii. The name must contain two parts; the first part would be genus, and the second part would be species. The following are basically sample questions. Before answering them, first about the answers yourself. Then, match the answers with your thoughts.

2. The very first letter of the first word of the scientific name should be in capital letter; the rest of the letters would be in small letters including letters of the second part as well.

3. During printing, the scientific name should be printed in Italic font. While writing, I would underline the genus and species term separately

4. I will add the name of the scientist who discovered the organism in the first place in a short form to the end of the scientific name of that organism. For example, the short form of Linnaeus is L.

d. Analyse with reasons which organism is more advanced between Mushroom and dicotyledon

In between a Mushroom and a Dicotyledon plant, the dicotyledon plant is much more developed. The reasons behind this statement are discussed below-

i. Mushroom does not produce any flower, but the dicotyledon plant is a flowering plant. Flowering plants are always considered a superior organism.

ii. Mushroom cannot produce its own food, but the plant can produce its own food via photosynthesis.

iii. Mushroom does asexual reproduction by producing spores. The dicotyledon plant creates offspring via sexual reproduction.

iv. Vascular bundle tissue system is a unique characteristic of superior plant, which is absent in mushroom but present in dicotyledon plant.

v. Mushroom’s body cannot be divided into roots, stem, leaves, etc. But the dicotyledon plant has root, stem and leaves.

vi. Mushroom’s body is soft, but dicotyledon plant has a very firm body. Superior plants have a firm and rigid structure.

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