Marketing Methods And Problems Of Fashion Goods

Marketing Methods and Problems of Fashion Goods : The manufacturer of fashion goods and the middlemen who handle them should define their markets carefully and at the same time decide upon the phase of the fashion cycle in which they desire to operate. To rush into full scale production or to place large orders early in the fashion cycle may prove as disastrous as to have large stocks of goods on hand when the cycle turn downward. Keeping this in mind, the person handling fashion goods should have comparatively large assortments and varieties because they attract more customers. He should try to discover fashion trends so that he will have the fashionable goods on hand when they are wan-ted. The merchants must anticipate the demand of their customers in quality, price lines and fashions and then locate the foods accordingly.

The size and sales ability of the retailers are more important to the manufacturer than the number of stores and as such he may offer exclusive agency to a retail store which has good location and reputation. The manufacturer mostly use the direct channel in disposing of the fashion goods. Although a large part of the articles are sold by buying agent or buying office, selling direct to the retailers remains all the more important. Both the producer and the retailer of fashion goods must operate on a gross margin because the making and selling of such goods suffer from a high element of risk. This is because the changes in fashion are sometimes kaleidoscope in their rapidity and uncertainty.

Service Goods: Service goods are those shopping goods which are durable in nature, require repair or other servicing and usually represents large outlays to the Consumer. Service goods are not generally subject to Fashion cycle and they are not usually purchased for their style or distinctiveness. Refrigerator, washers, automobiles, radio, television and other household appliances are the examples of service goods.

Marketing Service goods have same characteristics of the shopping goods but the one important characteristic which separates them from most other shopping goods is the servicing. These goods must be repair d from time to time to keep them usable.

Marketing Practices : Although there are the instances of using distributors for selling the service goods, they are often sold direct to retailers. Exclusive agencies also employed by some manufacturers. In such cases, there is only one agent for a particular brand of service goods. Since the service.goods are costly, credit plays an imp or–cant part in their selling. Customers may seek credit from the seller. These goods are often delivered to the house of consumer after sale.

A large proportion of service goods business is done in smaller trading centers than is the case with fashion goods. The customers, of course, often prefer to buy the service goods in places where there are several dealers. This tendency on the part of the consumers arises from their feelings to compare prices of the products.

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