Business Programme of Co-operative Societies

Business Programme of Co-operative Societies

A. Plan of Production and Marketing Facilities: In successful implementation of a long-term farm management programme provision of various new facilities and improvement of existing facilities will be needed. The facilities may be owned by individual farmers, groups of farmers, agricultural co-operatives or government agencies at local and national levels.

In deciding the establishment of the facilities it must be carefully considered whether they can serve sufficiently the following purposes: (1) To supplement or replace the agricultural labor. (2) To control over-investment of farmers and to reduce the cost. (3) To increase the commercial value of the products. (4) To market in favorable terms. (5) To contribute to raise technical standard in the area. (6) To serve as a key base for farm guidance activities.

Other important aspects to be taken into consideration in planning the establishment of facilities are the following:

(1) Whether it is indispensable for increasing productivity of major crops.

(2) Whether there is a strong demand for the facility among members and assurance of its full utilization.

(3) Whether continuous and stable production of crop for which the facility is established, is ensured under the long-term production programme.

(4) Whether management of the facility is economically feasible.

The types of facilities that may be required:

(1) Facilities for work: Workshop, Center for utilizing machinery, Land consolidation facility, joint insecticide facilities, Mixing plant for fertilizers, Mixing plant for feed stuffs, Transportation facility, etc.

(2) Cultivation or breeding facilities: Joint seed bed, Joint breeding facility, Hatchery, Artificial insemination center, Silo, Pond, Irrigation and draining facility, Green house, etc.

(3) Processing facilities : Drying facility, Processing facility for fruits, vegetables and livestock products, etc.

(4) Facilities for assembly and marketing of products: Assembly center, Grading and packing facility, Livestock market, Fruits and vegetable market, etc.

(5) Storing facilities: Agricultural warehouse, Grain silo, Cold-storage, Ware-house for production material. etc.

(6) Maintenance facilities : Repair shop for agricultural machinery, Mobile repair shop, etc.

(7) Sales facilities : Retail store for agricultural products, Mobile store. etc.

(8) Other facilities : Wire communication facility, Joint cooking facility, Nursery school, Meeting hall, Training center, etc.

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