What Are Mission Vision and Value Statements

Here, we are writing a short explanation on Mission Vision and Value Statements.A mission statement expresses the organization’s purposes and should identify how the organization will meets its targeted customers’ needs through its products or services. The mission statement must support the firm’s vision statement.

Mission Vision and Value Statements

Mission Statement of purpose:

In addition, a values statement can be generated that reflects the organization’s culture by identifying fundamental beliefs about what is important to the organization. These values may be objective (such as profitability and increased market share) or subjective (such as ethical behavior and respect for individuals).

Values statement details a commitment to

• the safety, health, and well-being of all people affected by its activities,
• ethical behavior and compliance with its Code of Conduct,
• responsible management of the environment,
• mutual understanding and respect for indigenous and local communities, and
• success in its business.

What a Vision Statement Does

Note that mission and values statements include identification of multiple classes of internal and external stakeholders. Additionally, the values statement, considered in order of presentation, could be taken to indicate that the company believes that business success will follow from a concern about people, ethics, and the environment.

Mission vision and value statements are the underlying bases for setting organizational goals (abstract targets to be achieved) and objectives (more concrete targets with quantifiable performance measures and expected completion dates). Goals and objectives may be short term or long term, but they are inexorably linked: Without achieving at least some short-run success, there will never be a long run; without engaging in long-run planning, short-run success will probably fade rapidly.

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