7 Steps In Organizational Change Process

To increase the odds of success, research reveals seven main issues to which organizations should pay attention to. Steps In which Organizational Change Process can be successful are as :

7 Steps In which Organizational Change Process :

The first is to capitalize on dramatic opportunities. The organization needs to take advantage of the moment when obvious problems or challenges that are not being met “open the door” to needed change.

The second is to combine caution with optimism. Managers and employees need to be optimistic with regard to the advantages of cultural change; otherwise they will be unwilling to make the attempt. Yet, because cultural change can have negative impacts, the organization needs to proceed with caution. Expectations for change must be positive, yet realistic.

The third is to understand resistance to cultural change. Resistance to change needs to be diagnosed. Identifying and reducing sources of resistance is valuable in cultural change as well as in other change programs.

Fourth, organizational change many elements but maintain some continuity. Keep what works for the organization.

Fifth, recognize the importance of implementation. One survey found that more than 90 percent of planned changes in strategy and culture were never fully implemented. A large percentage of failed change programs are failures of implementation rather than failures of ideas.

Sixth, modify socialization tactics so new employees learn the new culture.

Seventh, find and cultivate innovative leadership. Cultural change must begin at the top of the organization, and good leadership is crucial.

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