How to Preserve Secrecy in Professional Accounting

The accounting profession requires real dedication and a proven discretion vis-à-vis maintaining confidential records. To better meet your commitments, here are some tips and tricks that have  already proven themselves. Think carefully before saying anything. After some time, work within a box is more interesting, as the atmosphere in  the office and on the job to do. But while you are still employed by the company, you will be bound by  professional secrecy and if an information leak is detected and you are  the source, it may bring you harm.

Sort information
Between invoices and bank statements, accountant is aware of all budgetary  processes of a company. Which leads you in total secrecy during interviews  with potential clients.

Sometimes it is better to leave the classic formula “I am not authorized to  provide this type of information” instead of risk losing the confidence of  the boss. It is the same at business lunches and other out with friends when  an innocent little anecdote may cause your loss.

In some situations, it is better define what information can be disclosed and  those that are really important, allowing you to have a limit in what you can  or not disclose.

Observe banned
During break times, it is possible to have a discussion with colleagues about  bad behavior of a superior. But when it comes to sensitive topic as the dismissal of an employee, it is  better to be silent. And if you’re under pressure, you can always seek the  help of an official of your union.

Reactions in case of dishonest situations
In dealing with the accounting of a company, it is not uncommon to find salty  notes of restaurant bills for weekend activities of a leader who does not use  the gene for capital the society. In this situation, the damage goes directly to the tax authorities. As an  ordinary employee, you do not have the right to do so, but fortunately, you  get rebates of 10 to 20% that are on the tax form. It is also possible to  observe the money laundering situations in a company (transfers and bizarre  bills).

Here we must redouble careful because you can be accused of complicity. And  if you have concrete evidence, it would be best to make a suspicious  transaction report with the Tracfin, a specialized European body.

A privacy law
Effective since 1810, the law on professional secrecy applies to all persons  who may have a medical secret and will be punished by Article 458 in case of  disclosure. There is also the duty of confidentiality and the duty of discretion. In the  latter situation, it is forbidden to disclose information to your colleagues,  competitors and customers. Its violation automatically leads to a dismissal for serious misconduct with  an award of damages.

Securing his office against intruders and fires
To better care of the confidential information of the first order, security  measures are needed against the risk of intrusion and fire.
In terms of theft or fire in the workplace, it is much more vigilant to store  sensitive data on an external hard drive or an external operating system to  avoid data loss.

And after approval of your supervisor, you can go further by installing any  video surveillance with IP camera on the workplace.
These powerful and autonomous units have many preventive functions: detection  of smoke and sending alert, motion detection, infrared vision, etc.

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