Purpose : The Ultimate Necessity for Successful Life

Why are we all created in this earth? There must be a purpose. Maybe to do good deeds for the welfare of human being. Have we ever think of the purpose for what we are created? The pursuit of purpose is extremely necessary in our life as human beings but we often ignore it. Purpose is something what allows us to discover who we really are.

When we are able to find purpose, and meaning in our work, and we pursue that larger purpose, we can discover our talents, skill-sets, and sources of genuine satisfaction. We become happy when we get the opportunity to apply our talents and skills to something we feel meaningful. Purpose is enormously necessary and critical to a healthy, happy and successful life. Remember, purpose is much essential to motivation.

But I don’t mean that motivation is not necessary. Motivation is necessary to accomplish the job. How people will do the job depending upon the motivation they get from their sorroundings. For example, from the friends or the circles in which they are attached to. But if you don’t find purpose then you will not get motivation. So I tell motivation is less necessary than purpose and purpose is more powerful than motivation. If you can find real purpose then your motivational will get pace. So, if you can use this purpose to fuel your life, you can become a great leader.

If we are stick to our purpose for a tireless longer period, we are able to conquer any obstacle in our path. We have to connect people with purpose and passion toward our common objective. Before doing a job we have to find out the real purpose of it. We have to think ahead then we have to decide how to meet the purpose.

A leader have to act as CMO—chief Motivational Officer, in the organization, who will search for ways to communicate and connect people to a larger purpose. His principal function will be to motivate people or influence people to show their potential. As we have learnt in Maxwell’s law number 2 that is Law of Influence. There is said the true measure of leadership is influence, nothing more nothing less.

A leader who communicates purpose with passion, attracts the
right people with focused energy that allows the organization to
achieve the best result. Without communicating the real purpose, the organization cannot achieve great things.

This is why motivating people is a strategic business activity what leads to
greater revenues, bigger profits and a happier and more productive

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