What and How You can Learn from Failure

Mistakes happen in every business all the time but most people around us have a powerful motivation to try to cover up their errors as much as possible. However, not recognising and admitting failure and learning from it might be the most dangerous failure of all, because it means that the problem is likely to occur again. Even though it might be hard to admit it, doing the right thing often means admitting when you have done the wrong thing. Most people say that we have an ethical obligation to learn from mistakes but how can we do that? Let’s have a look how you can learn from failure.

Heed pressure: High pressure often provokes for wrong thinking. That means if you are in high pressure then you will not be able to think properly and make effective decisions. If a Manager wants to make a decision, he must think twice before he starts doing thing. You cannot revert the result after you have the final decision. So take less pressure and think more before making a decision. Before you decide ask yourself “if I had more time and resources, would I make the same decision?” I think in most cases the answer will be “no”.

Recognise that failure is not always bad: You have to learn from the failure you have already met. This will give you guiding light to take the next decision better than this one. So all the time welcome failure. I don’t mean you have to always look to be failed. I want to mean that you have to recognise or realise or admit the failure. Try to do how far you can in the next mission.

You have to also understand and address the root causes of a failure: If you can find out the root cause as to why you have failed today then it will be very easy for you to make the next decision effectively and get better result. Of course, one must find and address the root cause behind the failure. If you make a mistake be willing to speak up and admitted and too often with ourselves deeper into the hole by being defensive about mistakes. That also keep us from learning from our failures.

If we all make mistakes what are we being so defensive about?

So in my summary, we can learn the best thing from failure. Because failure is the pillar of success. The more you fail means the more you have chance to win in the next decision. The main cause of failure is the pressure. So before doing any task, kill your pressure and anxiety. Relieve depression and think more about the problem which you want to solve.

The ultimate outcome of current failure is success in the future. And, recognise that failure is not always bad. Understand and address the root cause of failure and admit it and think how you can make better decisions in future.

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