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Typical Tablet Manufacturing Process In Pharmaceuticals

Process to follow in Tablet Manufacturing Process In Pharmaceuticals has been described below. A pharmaceutical manufacturing company may have process manufacturing in multiple dosage forms. Each dosage form will have multiple different operations. Manufacturing Tablets, Capsules, Dry Syrups, Liquid Syrups, Soft Gelatins, Injections in Ampoules, Injections in Vials, Sterile Dry Fill Injections have different types of process and operations.

Here are some typical step by step operations described which are related to tablet manufacturing process.

  1. Dispensing of API: This is the operation, mainly where materials are dispensed to core manufacturing area.  Generally done from materials warehouses. API and Excipients are dispensed before packing operations are carried out.
  2. Granulation: Under this operation, blending and mixing of API is done with excipient carriers. Blank granules are prepared for Capsules also. Granulation may be dry or wet mask. There might be operations like blending and milling.
  3. Compression: In this operation mixed granules or preparation is formed into tablets in the shape of punch and dies being set as designed.
  4. Coating: This operation is auxiliary one. If the color of the tablets is needed to be distinguishable then this operation is carried out. If a product is not required to coat, it will directly go for packing operation.
  5. Dispensing of Packing: Materials like Carton, Foils or PVC films, PVDC films etc. are dispensed here in order to make the tablets saleable.
  6. Packing: This step may be classified into Primary and Secondary Packing. In this step of tablet manufacturing process, compressed or coated tablets are packed and made ready for transferring to Finished Goods warehouse.

Every operation will be followed by a QAD review in every step of tablet manufacturing process. The produced may be Quarantined up to a specific period for close QAD review. Common Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) /GMPx will be followed to produce the products in a hygienic condition.

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