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Supermoon impressed us on Sunday

Supermoon is not the moon what you see risen every day. This is the moon which comes once a year. The scientist predicted that last Sunday was its time to shine once again for this year and it was truly happened.

The prSupermoonediction was that the moon will not only be full and bright but also will be at the closest distance to the Earth. It would be the biggest Full moon till August 2014. So if you have time and if sky is clear, put a step out to enjoy its dazzling shines.

Three astronomical truths craft the happy incidence:

  1. The sun, moon and the Earth are all in a line which creates the Full moon. Supermoon!
  2. Moon’s orbit gets nearest or closest to the Earth which is called “perigee”. At this perigee, it lies nearest to the Earth and on July, the moon will swing out to the “apogee” (the farthest point from the Earth). That’s why the moon orbits in an oval rather than a circle.
  3. The longest day is created as the tilt of the Earth’s axis way-out the sun to ray and hit us at the most direct angle

 If you want to take your own photograph of an over-sized moon, try doing it so close to the sunrise. The moon has not magically grown in dimension, but it will be close to the horizon.

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