The Community Spirit, Accounting and Crossfit

How to take a widespread and accessible service and turn it into an interesting experience that clients will want to participate and for which they will be willing to pay?

Good question!

This is something which, even in the field of entertainment, in sports, for example, is difficult to recover. For example, I can say from experience that a sport that offers this kind of experience is the Crossfit.

Some may cry to simple reasoning, but the Crossfit actually created a memorable experience for their members by creating a sense of community and encouraging healthy competition among their members. Crossfit inspire their members to see that this will help them to complete their dreams.

Ask yourself the question:
Try you really create a sense of community with your customers?
Is it conceivable that your customers are more like your team members and customers when they put their foot in the business?
How innovative firm could create healthy competition among its customers?
Do your customers actually sees you as someone who will help them achieve their dreams?
If your accounting firm, tax specialist, advising just where your business can do all that, then you are on the right track and have accomplished what few actually succeed in the market for accounting firms.

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