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Results of a Study on Stress in Students

This is not very surprising: Canadian students are stressed in their studies. This is what reveals a study by Su-Ting Teo Ryerson University in Toronto. The result of the study is relevant in the context of studies in Accounting at the top level as these are undeniably challenging.

What is more surprising is the details of the study, which show such as university and college students feel overwhelmed, alone and some are considering suicide in the last year of work that leads to graduation. Many feel overwhelmed and hopeless.

It was also mentioned that the studies can contribute to the development of mental illness and imbalance. The Su-Ting Teo doctor think health and well-being of students is greatly underestimated.

These statistics will surprise some, while many people passed through strenuous session in academic programs that requires a lot of rigor as the Bachelor of Accounting for example, will not be surprised by these results.

The study was conducted on a sample of 30,000 Canadian students and a national guide for the removal of stress among students should be announced later in the week.

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