What is contingency and contingent liability?

Contingency and contingent liability :

A contingency is not defined in IAS 37. In plain English a contingency is an unforseen event that may or may not happen. IAS 37 defines a contingent liability at paragraph 10. It has two limbs to the definition: (a) a possible obligation that arises from past events; or (b) a present obligation (liability) that fails the recognition criteria. The definition at paragraph 10 is:

“(a) a possible obligation that arises from past events and whose existence will be confirmed only by the occurrence or non-occurrence of one or more uncertain future events not wholly within the control of the entity; or

(b) a present obligation that arises from past events but is not recognized because:

(i) it is not probable that an outflow of resources embodying economic benefits will be required to settle the obligation; or

(ii) the amount of the obligation cannot be measured with sufficient reliability.”

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