Leadership: When E.F Hutton Speaks People Listen

In today’s article, I will discuss Maxwell’s 5th Law of Leadership, the Law of E.F Hutton, even though this law is replaced by the Law of Addition and is merged with the Law of Process. The main message of this law is: When the real leader speaks, people listen.

The leader who has a position or rank in an organization is a positional leader. Positional leaders have a title but not always the following. People work for them because they have to. Real leaders have following but not always a title. For example, Mother Teresa has following but she did not have a title. Positional leaders influence positional people they are working with but real leaders influence everyone in the community.

Positional leader will need the influence of the real leader to get the things done where real leaders need only his own influence. He has ability to influence positional leaders.

Characteristics of a Real Leader

A leader cannot be a real leader in a single day but a daily process. Leaders become real leaders because of several characteristics or essential attributes in them. For example:

Character is very important element of leadership because people with changing character cannot achieve trust from the followers.

Relationship is also important element because without harmonized relationships nobody will accept you by heart. You must have a solid character and sound relationship, to have been accepted by the people.

You must have proper knowledge. People will not respect and accept you if you don’t have sufficient knowledge about the subject matter you are dealing with. A leader charts the course of actions, not steering the ship to the shore. He must be aware of consequences for any wrong move.

Intuition is an important aspect in leadership. It is the inner feeling or vision of the leader, on the area he is leading. Intuition may come to a perfection based on experience and other factors.

Past experience is also essential. It may say where you have been. It may save you from current difficulties, if arise, you faced in similar situations earlier.

Ability will prove what a leader can do in future. Past success will let him build his confidence solid.

Apart from these characteristics, there are many other attributes that makes you a leader. Great leaders are full of positive characteristics liked by the fellow people. So, ask yourself – are you a leader? Find out who are the real leaders in your organisation. Do you have an excellent relationship with the real leaders of your organisation? If not find out the reason behind this. In reference to the holy Bible, a good leader motivates, doesn’t mislead and doesn’t exploit others.

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