Why it is necessary to take Sustainable Fuel Programme?

Event-l: Recently in a daily newspaper it has been said that our wild elephants in the Daintree forest are becoming thin for want of water. This is happening because of insufficient and irregular rain. Besides, people are using AC and Refrigerator for comfortable life.

Event-2: ‘X’ organization published an advertisement in a newspaper giving priority for women in job.

a. What is sustainable development?

b. Why it is necessary to take sustainable fuel programme?

c. Which sector has been indicated in the first news of the stern for the sustainable development? Explain.

d. “Event-2 of the stem is essential for sustainable development.”—Do you support this statement? Give your opinion.

a. Sustainable development is a holistic approach where natural resources will be utilized proportionately to meet up human needs without damaging or making them harmful.

b. It is necessary to take sustainable fuel programme in order to protect the environment. Low cost, pollution free fuel is very essential in our daily life. Fossil fuel harms our environment to a large extent. The climate is changing, the bio-diversity is hampered and the global warming is on increase because of their excessive use. We have to undertake sustainable fuel program to stop it.

c. Event -1 of the stem indicates to the environment sector of the Sustainable Development Goals. The climate is losing its own properties because of change in lifestyle, use of newer technology in development, affinity to consumption, and also for progress in civilization. Again, the reason of increase in urbanization and population growth, the people are building houses, making furniture and using fuels which results many woods and forests being cut down and still continuing. Then again, burning fossil are also harming the society. Therefore, global warming is increasing.

Though the development work has been started, the outcome is not good enough. Therefore, they announced 17 goals to make a sustainable development as well as they are taking some precautionary measures. By taking the case of development and prosperity in our mind, we will continue planting trees alongside cutting trees. We should use low cost and pollution free fuels in our daily life. Due to implementing sustainable fuel program, climate, city, society, as well as aquatic and terrestrial animals will be safe.

d. Event-2 indicates to gender equality, which is very necessary for achieving Sustainable Development. One of the barriers in achieving Sustainable Development Goals is gender discrimination. Gender disparity is a much discussed about issue at present. We know that women in our society still fall behind in terms of power and competency. Women are not genetically conditioned this way rather this is caused by the prevailing situation. Women can possess equal power and competency as men in the society, although a man and a woman have different physical characteristics.

To ensure equal participation of men and women in our development work we must provide opportunities of our women. 50% of our total population is women and we cannot think of holistic development keeping this 50% population of the society backward. The women can play vital roles in different areas if they are provided with proper education, and training. These issues need to be addressed properly to work for sustainable development.

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