Women Leadership: Keys to Reach the Management Positions

The access of women to management positions in companies is still very complicated today. In addition, when they do, their work is often questioned by a large part of the employees who prefer that the company be run by a man. Why is it still so difficult to lead as a woman?

Sandra Marín, consultant and trainer at Mikah de Waart has analyzed the reasons why it is more difficult for women to reach and stay in managerial positions. She concluded this after having worked with hundreds of women entrepreneurs and positions of responsibility within the company.

After this analysis, Marín has provided the following keys to achieve a successful women leadership:

Become visible and recognize the possibilities. Once you have decided to assume a management position, you must be visible and present. Many women are second on board and do not stand out from their peers, so they must prove their worth by believing in the possibilities of each one and showing others the ability to lead.

Negotiation. Both to get the position and to be able to play it, negotiation is another pillar that surrounds the women leadership. Having communication skills and negotiation techniques will allow you to defend your position. Sandra Marín advises defending their own interests as part of the interests of the company itself.

Pleasant but competitive. Assuming responsibilities, many managers forget the essence that can help them in the performance of their position. Taking on too masculine roles is not always a guarantee of success and many times they do not match the situation.

Overcome the ‘impostor syndrome’. The leaders or leaders of a group may have had to deal with ‘impostor syndrome’, especially present in the women. Even in successful women, impostor syndrome may be seen. This appears when you tend to think that the achievements were the result of chance and everything that was achieved was a matter of luck and anyone can do better than another.

According to Marín, these beliefs hide insecurity and lack of self-esteem, and some studies confirm that a large part of the population goes through such a period in their working life, when they start a job or assume a different role or greater responsibility.

To confront and overcome this situation, Marín recommends learning to value yourself, understand and accept that you do not have to know all the answers and that it is positive to be rewarded for each daily challenge achieved.

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