6 Commitments Leaders Must Assume with Their Followers

1. Do not create unnecessary tensions.

Leaders sometimes create unconscious tensions when they want their professionals to act like them instead of allowing them to be authentic. If they perceive that they do not care about the leader, resentment may arise. On the contrary they will respect those who are willing to take advantage of their competences and allow them not to feel limited or restricted. By: Isabel Carrasco

2. Detect the competences of his professionals.

The leader must detect the strengths of his collaborators, instead of criticizing their weaknesses and drawing up plans in which they can contribute the most. He also has to detect what is most important to its professionals and allow them to grow and develop it.

3. Facilitate the development of the potential of the members of your team.

We will never be able to know what a collaborator is capable of if we do not give him responsibilities to know his true potential. For this, they can be put in situations where they can increase their confidence and self-esteem. It assumes that the leader must be willing to observe and allow failures and help them overcome those failures .

4. Place team members in positions where they have influence.

Place team members in positions where they have influence to see how they react and behave in their new role. It means allowing them to discover their potential and observe how they lead and collaborate with others. The most committed professionals are those who feel that their leaders trust them and assign them responsibilities, granting them autonomy to carry them out.

5. Share the successes with the team members.

In this way we will make them feel an important part of the achievements. Employees also want to support their leaders at times when they feel vulnerable if they are able to be transparent enough to share their moments of weakness. They do not aspire to have perfect leaders, but they want them to be open enough to share their journey with them.

6. Be consistent.

Be consistent to facilitate that professionals can trust them and earn their respect. On many occasions leaders are not aware that to retain and engage their collaborators must take into account in their actions the interests, desires and aspirations. If they do not feel supported by their leaders, they will not commit themselves.

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