6 Best Free Accounting Softwares 2016

It is not always easy to find a good free accounting software, let alone a quality. Often, most of the free accounting software are inadequate or are only 30 day trial of the full software. So we’ve compiled this list of Free Software Accountants to help you do your accounting. Of course, the software is not software for compiling or auditing financial statements as CaseWare for example, but rather software for accounting for SMEs and holding book in general.

Best Accounting Software Free

1) Microsoft Excel
Some people will probably be surprised to learn that it is easy, with the knowledge base, getting good accounting Excel. With this free accounting software, it is easy to make journal entries, manage hundreds of accounts and data classes to meet. It is not for nothing that most students in Accounting using Excel for their lecture notes and exams: it is very easy to mount the financial statements in the software of the Office suite. We advise you to avoid the earlier version Excel 2010 to access all the latest features.

It is also possible to download applications already made for Excel, which will complete journal entries and automatically go up the financial statements using formulas and macros. These are just Excel sheets already ready for Accounting. It is a solution that can be interesting for people without experience on Microsoft Excel.

Although that acquiring Excel can be expensive and it is not necessarily tolerated as official accounting tool in all situations, we have ranked among the best free accounting software since it comes free with most facilities Windows and you can download a trial version with access to all features, or Excel Starter. Although limited to some features, Excel Starter provides basic functions that allow you to track your income and expenses, your bookkeeping and you will ride home on acceptable financial statements.

The beauty of Excel is that it is a versatile software. With a little knowledge of Excel, it is possible to do most of the calculations in accounting and finance. Very complete books are available to learn what powerful Excel tool.

2) Grisbi
It is a free accounting software little known but effective. Although it is not visually beautiful with gray tabs, it offers all the features one would expect from an accounting software and for general business management. It is a good alternative to Microsoft Money, which is only available on MacOS and paying. The software allows among others to import bank files (.QIF) and other institutions which makes it very interesting as a free accounting software.

The software is available on the website of Grisbi and runs on Windows, Mac and Linux. It is translated into most languages ​​and supported by volunteer developers.

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