6 Best Free Accounting Softwares 2016

3) Dolibarr
If you do not have to make very complex accounting, Dolibarr can be interesting. Although the features of this software is limited to cash and management of income and expenses, it may be one of the best free accounting software if you want to make a basic accounting. Although Dolibarr is limited level accounting, it can also meet entrepreneurs who are more oriented towards business management and billing, it offers general features in a bit all areas of management.

4) MemSoft
Memsoft the company is another company that offers Free Accounting Software. Although little known, is Memsoft quality software that offers the most essential features you would expect from an accounting software and some more advanced, such as the management of several companies or several currencies. The updates (which are common) and the carrier in connection with the software are also free, forming an advantage of the software. Indeed, be evolutionary software over time is very interesting for a small business. This also enables the automation of several accounting tasks and the user interface is relatively easy to understand.

5) Prextra
Prextra is a business management platform developed in Quebec. This is cutting-edge in terms of information technology and accounting could fill your needs if they are not too high. Its affordable price makes it a good candidate for the best free accounting software. A user or a PMEayant need basic accounting find everything he needs in this small accounting software. The software is separate, as most accounting platforms, in separate modules. We would like to mention that it is important to encourage Québec businesses and products developed in Quebec.

6) Wave
Wave Accounting software is completely free (supported by banner ads), hosted on the cloud (cloud) and requiring no local installation on a server or workstation. The interface, modern style, is generally easy to navigate and easy to use. However, he did not support all the features of the above-mentioned software and may not meet all your needs if you need to make the holding of advanced book. We recommend you to try to determine whether Wave offers the functionality you need.

We chose to omit other free accounting software with problems or do not provide enough powerful features and to present only the best free accounting software. If you think we have missed a program or would like to know yours, contact us and we will update this list. Good Accounting!

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