What Are Shopping Goods With Examples

Shopping goods are those consumer goods which the customer  in the process or selection and purchase characteristically compares on such bases as suitability, quality, price and styles. Shopping goods may be considered to be those commodities whose selection is of such importance that buyers devote considerable time to their selection. Such products are purchased only after a comparison of several products. Quality, style, suitability and price are the common bases of comparison.

Shopping goods have also been defined as those goods for which the probable gain from making price and quality comparisons is thought to be large relative to the consumer’s appraisal of the searching cost in terms of time, money and effort. When a large number of buyers find it worth while to look around for a particular product, then we are dealing with a shopping goods.

In another way, shopping goods are sort of goods that involve shoppers’ research and comparison among different brands. There are two explicit sorts of shopping goods i.e. homogeneous and heterogeneous. Homogeneous products are thought by consumers as very similar in nature and the final buy is usually takes place on the lowest price. Examples of this sort of shopping goods may be home appliances, such as washing machines, hair dryers, or a refrigerator.

Examples of shopping goods :

Examples of shopping goods typically include women’s apparel, furniture, jewelry, rugs, millinery, television. radio, costly watches, fashionable shoes, cars, refrigerator, musical instruments, piece goods, dishwashers, automobiles, men’s suits and women’s high-priced sarees like banarasi, zamdani, shiffon, lehenga, kanchipuram etc. Even some inexpensive items are sometimes seen as shopping goods. Many consumers treat butter, coffee and some other food items as shopping goods. They carefully read food store advertising for the prices of these items and then shop at those stores which offer the lowest price.

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