Facebook Moments: An application of Facebook under development

Facebook could develop a new application Facebook Moments that lets you take better advantage of its privacy options.

If you notice, Facebook has recently enhanced its privacy options, in response to the criticisms concerning the protection of its user privacy.

Facebook momentsThe fact is that  the number one social network already offers a multiple options that allow user to determine who can see what a user shares or can set rules  to have a status been visible only to a list of people. But  we had the impression that Facebook has voluntarily made ​​these options complicated which discourage users to use it.

For example, I‘m sure only a small portion of the people reading this article have ever thought to set up the customized friends lists to better share the information to an audience. Anyway, Facebook is unlikely to move the “bad guy” of the story and its previous maneuvers lead us to believe that it will encourage you to protect your privacy better .

Besides the enhanced privacy options that already exist, Facebook also thinks to add a feature that will allow users to set expiration dates for the posts/articles (to ensure that no one will interact with your old posts). That will be also on Facebook moments

The  new application is on the way of its development. It did not really introduce new features, but you will be benefited from a more visual and less complicated interface to set the comments of your publications.

According to TechCrunch the application is exist. However, Facebook still has the option to abandon this project. The code name of the app is Facebook Moments.

It is the time for world to see how this Facebook Moments captures the mind of the Facebook users. Will it encourage you really to protect your privacy?

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