Yammer- 5 ways to use it in a Project

Yammer – the  enterprise social network allows you to exchange  both formal and informal thoughts and feelings with colleagues now. But how Yammer can be really useful in a project? Here are 5 ways to use it.

1 Discussion
Yammer is very convenient to get information and allow discussion when we know that it will generate interactions. For example, you can share  the status of a project with your colleagues and ask them a question. You can read their responses on a consolidated basis in the course of the discussion. It will help you to avoid puzzle  having  rewrite different messages. Good news, if you create an external network, you can even interact with your customers and suppliers without having much trouble like going through the mail. This can be useful to avoid a call center support, for example.

2 Documents

If you use a platform to store your documents such as SharePoint, you can easily share the link of a document directly on Yammer. So you tell whether a new document is ready for viewing.

3 Sleep

Yammer is also useful to share his suggestions on a subject. You can post an article on a new feature that has implications in a project. For example, if you work on a legal project and you read an article about the reactions to the announcement of a change in law, feel free to share it with your colleagues.

4 Consultation
Corporate social networks are also an easy way to make the consultation and make your business visible . Imagine that you are working on a tool to compare the invoice price of a transaction depending on which hospital you are going. If you post your sample online, you‘re likely to receive feedback from colleagues with whom you would not necessarily think to collaborate. It makes Convenient to collect the opinions of designers, IT or even a health care experts without organizing a big meeting!

5 History

Yammer allows you to gather all e-mail exchanges on a project in one place through the technique of indexing  . This is useful to prevent the information from being lost, such as when an employee leaves the company it simply adds the email address of your group to whom you sent  e-mail before.

What is your personal positive experiences onYammer, used in a project?

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