Features Or Characteristics Of Shopping Goods

Shopping goods may be considered to be those commodities whose selection is of such importance that buyers devote considerable time to their selection. Such products are purchased only after a comparison of several products. Quality, style, suitability and price are the common bases of comparison. Features or characteristics of shopping goods are given below:

Marketing Features Or Characteristics Of Shopping Goods :

  • Shopping goods have a large unit cost, and as such they usually involve a considerable outlay of money.
  • They are wanted by a consumer to fill particular needs regarded as important.
  • The purchase of a shopping good is usually planned in advance. Such goods are never bought without previous planning or on the spur of the moment. They are purchased only after due consideration.
  • They are not usually bought frequently and regularly. The consumers purchase only when they have time to shop with care and they are often willing to take considerable trouble in order to make a satisfactory purchase.
  • Shopping goods are not usually standardized. If there are brands, they are not usually well-known and hardly convey a clear idea of the characteristics of the product. Hence they are not bought by brand. This fact makes comparison necessary. Some of the shopping goods are purchased on the basis of distinctiveness.
  • A key identifying characteristic of shopping goods is that the consumer lacks full knowledge of pertinent product features before embarking upon the shopping trip.
  • Since the consumer wishes to examine the article carefully several times, and also to compare it with the offerings of other merchants before he makes his decision, the buying process is slow and costly.
  • The purchaser of shopping goods expects a great deal of service and help of the seller in the course of making his selection. He may resent aggressive selling, yet he wants a salesman’s help.
  • The demand for a shopping goads is relatively elastic. The degree of elasticity depends upon the number of substitutes available and the price.

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