Differences Between Food Chain And Food Web

Food chain and food web are not the same thing. There are some basic differences in between them. The differences between the food chain and food web are given below:

Food chain refers to a natural system by which energy is transmitted from one organism to another.

On the other hand, food web refers to a bunch of food chains that make up an ecosystem. It is a mass of connected food chains that are interlinked at various points.

A food chain only follows just one path as animals find food. For an example, an eagle eats a snake which has eaten a rat, which has eaten an insect, which has eaten a grass or leaf.

On the other hand, a food web shows many different paths where plants and animals are interconnected. An eagle might also eat a mouse or a squirrel or a frog or some other animals. The snake may eat a beetle or a caterpillar or some other animals in the food chain.

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