Is IELTS Training Similar To English Language Training?

Some one may think of learning English during the vacations like summer vacation or winter. If they are not adult or not having their ability to decide on their own, they seek advice, so approaches elders or counselors. Last month when one of my cousin completed appearing at the exam, he solicited advice from his father who is a retired person, advised him to be admitted in IELTS course. In his sense, IELTS training will make his son benefited  to learn better English.

My suggestion was to get admitted in English Language Training Center nearby first where he will know English. Vocabulary or lexicography was a secondary critical issue to me which he will know day by day. I think IELTS training is not similar to English Language Learning Training but IELTS training for sitting in IELTS tests.

My question, is IELTS really teaching English? Somebody may say Yes or No. But in my sense, it is No. Because IELTS training is not an Academic learning avenue rather an avenue to test English for Academic purpose. It will not teach you English, rather will check your proficiency  in English. No grammar will be taught, nor will teach you a small sentence. Rather , you will be tested for usage of English for Academic and General versions.

Again, in IELTS training, the test takers are not intending to learn English Language for day to day use. They do this only for special purpose. Academic version is done when one wants to pursue his higher education in an English Speaking country and General version is done  for Migration purpose or contractual skilled jobs purpose. Speaking, Listening, Writing and Reading will comprise in both the versions. You can have free training here.

I am not sure whether my cousin has wasted his invaluable two months to learn English or not. If anybody has comments please let me know.

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