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Magical Nik Wallenda crossed 1300 ft tightrope walk

Nik Wallenda, a magical man at last completed his tightrope walk on a 2 inches steel cable 1500 feet above the  nearing Grand Canyon. It took nearly 23 minutes to cross 1300 feet distance on Sunday with two slight breaks due to wind’s disturbance. The Discovery channel live broadcasted the event and stunned the audiences.

 Nik Wallenda

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Nik Wallenda who stepped very slowly and steadily with caution, having full faith in God. Even though winds blown at 30 miles an hour, he managed to cross the rope before a large crowd watched the event.

Nik Wallenda born in a circus family and grew up performing circus with his family and has dreamed of crossing the Grand Canyon from his adolescence. Sunday was day to fulfill his dream to come true earning a seventh Guinness world record.

One microphone and two cameras were worn at that time. His leather shoes with an elk-skin sole assisted him keep the grip on the 2-inches steel cable as he moved across.

The occasion was touted as a walk across the Grand Canyon, the neighborhood held sacred by many persons. Some local residents believe Wallenda has not perfectly selected the location and hoped the Navajo Nation should not be promoting the gambling of one man’s life for the welfare of tourism.

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