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How to Make Slime at Home – Step by Step

In recent months, a real phlegm phenomenon has developed in social networks. On YouTube, you’ll find all the “Slime” tutorials: Edible Slime, Galaxy Slime, Pearl Mucus, BibisBeautyPalace and Julienco are at the forefront, with four DIY Slime videos produced by Bibi alone. 3 million views (as of July 2017) have contributed.

Slime trend in the USA

In the USA, the slime trend is even bigger! Teenagers even make money from home-made slime, in some cases putting it online for several thousand dollars a month. For example, 11-year-old Jillian Getlik from New York has received so many purchase requests through Instagram that she has had to look for two “business partners” of the same age. “The Wall Street Journal reported on this crazy story and many more young people are making money the mucus production in the US money.

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Meat itself: the recipe!

The production of mucus is actually relatively simple. In general, you do not need much more than the following ingredients:

Craft glue (no superglue !!!)
Detergent / shower foam
Food coloring
possibly accessories such as: Styrofoam ball, glitter balls

How do I make mucus myself?

First, you give craft glue in a bowl.
Then you add a tube of food coloring.
Then gently add a few tablespoons of detergent until the mass becomes slimy.
Now you can stir the slime neatly and knead.
Finally, you give the beads and knead again.
Ready is your pearl slime!

Slime recipes without glue:

If you have no craft glue at home, there are also recipes that work without glue. Here are two most used alternatives you can try at home for making Slime at Home.

Mucus with cornstarch:

About 350 ml of normal water
Food grade color
2 cups of cornstarch

Mucus with psyllium powder:

About 250 ml of normal water
Food grade color
1 teaspoon (5 ml) fiber powder

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