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Negative Aspects Of Political Performance Appraisals And Means To Reduce Them

There are many negative aspects of political performance appraisals those really demotivate employees in true sense and resulting serious consequence in organization.

The negative aspects of political performance appraisals are:

• undermine organizational goals and performance,

• compromise the relationship between performance and rewards,

• amplify political behavior in other organizational processes and decisions, and

• expose the organization to litigation if employees are terminated.

Managers can obtain the following actions to trim down the problem of politically based performance appraisals:

• Establish goals and standards that are as transparent and specific as possible.

• Tie specific actions and performance outcome to rewards.

• Carry out structured, professional reviews, together with specific examples of practical performance and explanations for ratings.

• Recommend performance feedback on a continuing basis, rather than just once a year.

• Recognize that the potential for politics in performance appraisals exists and make this topic a focus of ongoing considerations throughout the organization.

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