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Knowledgiate meaning | meaning of knowledgiate

Time to time dictionary was enriched with new words. How these words entered into this dictionary? Did you ask you ever? So far as I know, a word may enter in a number of ways such as:

  • Finding new words from print or electronic media worldwide.
  • Crawling web contents by a program.
  • Oxford English Corpus keeping track and making choices
  • From old Evidence
  • Personal inventions

Knowledgiate, to me is a new sound, to express something for, from or related to knowledge.  This word resembles “Collegiate” which means:

1. of, pertaining to, or constituted as a college.

2. of, characteristic of, or intended for college students.


Knowledgiate Explanations:

Main-entry (may be): Knowledgiate

Part of speech (may be): adjective


  1. Of, relating to or pertaining to knowledge or sharing of knowledge
  2. Of, characteristic of, or intended for knowledge seekers
  3. Relating to information that boost knowledge

Synonyms (might be): Scholarly, scholastic, about knowledge

Typical Sentences:

  1. This is a knowledgiate matter which should be disseminated to all concerned.
  2. Today, I will discuss some knowledgiate issues.

Currently, this is not a word under the dictionary. Could it be included!? Please comment!

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