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Motivation to Study Accounting: A Testimony

This little motivational testimony was sent to us by one of our readers. It wishes to remain yet to be named. We found his perception of very interesting things and we decided to publish it as motivation to study, but also motivation in life in general. Although the text does not address accounting directly, we think it can very well adapt to university studies or a career in accounting! Thank you for this great contribution!

5 years ago, I loaded suitcases in an airport. Today, I am president of a marketing and design company with a turnover in excess of several million dollars. At that time, I generated more than 250 million dollars in sales for my clients.

Most people around me now see me in this, in my position. He did not really understand my history, and I come from, DIFFICULTIES surrounding my success and essential for business success.

My story begins like many others around the world, growing up in difficult living conditions and poverty. I grew up in a neighborhood rather rich, being poor. I think there is nothing worse in life than growing up poor in people who have everything. This really makes you realize what you do not. When you grow up in a neighborhood where everyone is poor, everyone is the same. When you grow up in a wealthy neighborhood, everyone seems to have so much more than you. You, you also know that your parents do not have much money and that the month purposes are difficult.

So I realized that I did not have what I wanted and I made sure when I was young that I would succeed to accomplish all the dreams I courting. I saw my parents work as unbridled and have difficulty inspired me to work.

I did not have the money like everyone else when I entered college. The others had their expenses paid by their parents. I had three jobs during my academic career to be able to pay my tuition. I finally got my degree.

Since that day I have always been grateful to have been forced to go through all these tests, because these are the trials and pitfalls that have defined me as a person. It takes sacrifice almost anything to achieve our goals.

When people say I’m lucky, they do not know of what they speak. People who say it does not reach their ultimate goals, because luck has nothing to do with success. If I had been so lucky, I would not break my teeth on so many obstacles in my life and I would not have failed many times in my life. I would not have had so many sleepless nights.

Perseverance is the key to success. And when you succeed, people around you will try to justify with very simplistic arguments why you to succeed and reach your goals. I know what I am capable, I know my future plans and ambitions and I know where I want to be. I also know that nothing will stop me.

I often take time to look at myself and ask myself: What are my next goals? What I want to accomplish? The answer is still the same as when I was a child. I want to accomplish great things.

To many people, I have succeeded in life. Yet, in my view, it is not enough. I want to accomplish great things. It’s my life story, this is my story of the past and this is my story of the future. The reliability of never give up and always know where I want to go away gives me energy to move forward. I will not let anyone distract me from my goals and I will never let anyone discourage me to achieve these same goals.

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