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What do you understand by Sustainable Development?

A country named ‘A’ has recently become a developing country from underdeveloped country. But the population is much more compared to the size of the ountry, thus the planned development process is being interrupted. upted. Experts believe that if the country can achieve UN-declared development goals by 25 September 2015, it will be able to overcome this problem.

a. When did UN officially establish?

b. What do you understand by sustainable development?

c. Which UN development goal does the stem indicate? Describe.

d. Do you think, achieving the goal will bring success to country ‘A’? Justify your statement.

a. UN was established on 24 October 1945.

b. Sustainable development is a unified concept by which people’s needs are met without ending the natural resources. No matter how much positive the development process seems, yet it does affect the natural resources to some extent. Sustainable development suggests having focus on these losses while working on the development. Sustainable development is achieved without any loss of the natural resources. For example, to increase the production of food, use of pesticides should be tolerant and moderate.

c. The stem indicates Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) of the United Nations.

With a target of making all the countries in the world poverty free and to ensure balanced socio-economical development, the United Nations implemented Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). UN declared SDG on 25 September 2015. There, 17 goals, 169 targets and 230 determinants were fixed.

Some of the goals are- end poverty, end hunger, healthy lives and inclusive and equitable quality education, Gender equality, climate action, economic development etc. By achieving these goals, SDG targets to have a world of socio-economical development and development and balance of the natural resources.

The country ‘A’ of the stem is a developing country. But the population is much more compared to the size of the country, thus the planned development process is being interrupted. By achieving the UN-declared development cloak the country can change its situation. From above discussion, it can be said that the experts suggested ‘A’ to achieve the goals of SDG.

d. Yes, I believe achieving the goals mentioned in the stem can bring good to the country ‘A’. The United Nations declared the SDG project on 25 September, 2015 to build a poverty-free world, to build and balance socio-economical and natural development. Its main objective is to establish a world free of poverty but it is determined to implement 17 goals. Because of the large population in the world’s underdeveloped, least developed, developing countries, it is not possible to implement various plans and projects. SDG helped them to play their important role in society and the economy by utilizing this population in human resources.

Implementing SDG will ensure end of hunger, healthy lives and well-being, thus it will help the population to become stronger. Besides, quality education will ensure their skills as for human resource. By this human resources, industries, inventions, and sustainable cities will be built helping to develop socio-economic condition. Also, by increasing the use of natural resources, economic solvency can he increased. Thus, we can say that SDG will bring good to country ‘A”.

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