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Samsung Health January 2020 Result – Global Challenge Igloo

Samsung Health app manages 12 global challenges all the year round. This year’s Global Challenge Igloo in January 2020 is over and the result is released soon after the challenge is completed. Here are some facts and figures of the challenge which I compiled and want to share with all of you guys.

Samsung Health Global Challenge Igloo Facts & Figures

Total participants in Igloo challenge were over 1.38 million of which 62.2 % were male and remaining 37.8% female. The most participants (61.3%) were between 30 to 40 years. Out of over 256 billions of footsteps, the average footsteps count was 7525 for male and 6241 for female.

Out of 1.38 million of participants almost half of them (569803 persons) could manage to complete the competition in January. Manik, probably from South Asia, stood 1st with 2.3 million total steps. Suli & Mohtade are 2nd and 3rd respectively with over 2.29 million footsteps, each.

Interesting fact in January 2020

The interesting fact of Samsung Health ‘s challenge Igloo is that even though most participants were between 30 to 40 years, the most footsteps were given by the seniors, that is participants over 60 years and above age, with averaging 8880 steps per day. Not interesting?

The total countries participated in Samsung Health ‘s challenge Igloo were 187 where South Korea had the largest participants, with 157696 persons and with average 8051 steps a day. So, Ranked 1st! I should mention, Samsung Health app is developed by Samsung Inc. , South Korea, it may be the reason of users count. But ranking is done based on the number of average steps. Singapore is in 2nd position with 7988 step a day & Germany is 3rd position with 7952 steps a day.

Samsung Health app manages 12 global challenges each year from Igloo in January to Snow in December. The complete list is as under:

  1. Igloo –> usually held in January each year
  2. Spa–> usually held in February each year
  3. Jungle–> usually held in March each year
  4. Desert–> usually held in April each year
  5. Lavender –> usually held in May each year
  6. Broccoli–> usually held in June year
  7. Beach –> usually held in July each year
  8. Green Tea –> usually held in August each year
  9. Tomato–> usually held in September each year
  10. Avocado–> usually held in October each year
  11. Moonlight–> usually held in November each year
  12. Snow–> usually held in December each year

Soon I will publish the result of Spa generally held in February.

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