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Samsung Health App Global Challenge Spa in February Looks Questionable

I joined Samsung Health App ‘s Global Challenge Spa in February 2020. Almost half of the month is passed when I joined this global challenge Spa, on February 12. The daily target was 6000 steps per day. But everyday I could manage to complete only 4000 steps on an average. It is very shocking when only 3 days remaining in the month of February but more than 110000 steps is still remaining to complete the challenge. This was really a horrible experience because it was my first challenge but I failed in this global challenge successfully!!

By the way, the reason behind installing Samsung Health App in my mobile is to monitor my heart issues. Specially to measure heart rate, oxygen saturation and stress measurement, etc. Because, I got a mild heart attack last month and doctor advised me to walk half an hour a day.

I thought I will be able to complete around 8000 steps per day. But for official business and other personal affairs I was not able to walk regularly. Anyway, more than 1200,000 participants took part in this challenge where I stood 869000 rank after completing 90,000 plus steps from February 12th to February 25th.

A person from Russia stood 1st, the Second position is for Mariano from Spain and the Third position is a person from China, 4th is Pedro Cebello. It seems to me that Mariano and Pedro Cebello is the same person because their photographs attached to their profiles are almost same, in fact from two different angles. Do you agree?

I am not sure whether they have completed 1.7 million steps in real sense, as a part of exercise?! Because it is almost 45 kilometers a day! I cannot believe because its will require at least 9 hours a day if a person walks 5 kilometers an hour, on an average. Is this figure fake or machine created? I don’t know! But I hope no fake person will come here and make this healthy competition an unhealthy one.

Anyway I am taking the chance again in Samsung Health Global Challenge Jungle in March 2020. This event is of 200,000 steps, averaging 6500 steps a day. Hoping for the best! Good luck!

If you want to Join the Jungle challenge, then install Samsung Health App from PlayStore and start counting your steps.

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