Withings Home-a camera that also monitors your health

Another camera to turn your home into a bunker connected? The promise of the last object Withings Home goes a step further, since the brand with its Home system combines surveillance, health and design. We discovered it at IFA.

Health cameraAs usual with Withings Home will be compatible initially with iOS before an Android application under development may come in the Play Store.

Connected, so the smartphone and especially the box of the home, the home is as a 720p HD camera to monitor a room or front door, with a wide-angle 135 °. It can be used in conjunction with webcam contact with relatives since it includes two microphones and a speaker HQ, and allows you to send pictures or selfies all kinds. An infrared system can be used at night, and motion detection as noise allows the setting of alerts, for example in case of intrusion. “Recognition screams” allows the opportunity to use the home as a baby monitor, and colorful LEDs can make a backup pilot.

If first is intended to monitor the Withings Home retains expensive health dimension to the brand. And in fact, there are various sensors including a thermometer, hygrometer and a sensor of volatile organic components. Basically, the unit is set to alert you when you have used chemicals and it’s time to air out your home, such as when you use detergent or if you paint. The bottom of the device is able to glow red to alert you, for example.

The application accompanying the Home design is just as the object, which is surrounded by a sort of wooden hull rotatable around the home to conceal the purpose, if the owner does not want to shoot. The brand will offer in the future hulls of different colors to customize this multi-function camera, so full of purpose as it is, remains expensive. It will arrive in effect a few days pre-orders on Amazon priced at 199 euros.

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