VR Gear Samsung headset-estimated price and reviews

As we already know, Samsung has finally unveiled his virtual reality headset  Gear VR there a few days ago at IFA Berlin. But at that time, no one even knew the price at which the helmet will be sold. This has indeed been unveiled in Berlin.

However, our colleagues site VentureBeat who attended another event, Fashion Week in New York, could interview a spokesperson from Samsung that was present. It has unveiled the VR Gear Samsung headset will be sold at $ 199.

Cost of VR Gear Samsung

Knowing that so far the VR Gear Samsungheadset works only if you have a Galaxy Note 4 and the price of it could be around $ 800, it is likely that all VR Gear Samsung headset and Galaxy Note 4 will therefore cost to $ 1,000 (up to you to imagine the price in Europe).

Vr gear samsung headsetFor comparison, the Oculus VR kit worth $ 350. Note however that unlike the Oculus Rift DK2, the VR Gear Samsung uses the hardware of a smartphone (Galaxy Note 4) and its screen, via a USB connection.

Furthermore, a recent dismantling of the Oculus Rift DK 2 by iFixit had found that the screen that is inside of it is almost the same as that used by the Galaxy Note 3.

The screen of the Galaxy Note 4 (and therefore, the screen that is operated by the Gear VR Samsung) is more advanced, including the qHD specification.

Note also that Samsung has worked with Oculus Rift to develop its first virtual reality headset.

But aside from the specifications and price, the consumer will also take into account another important parameter: the content that will be available.

A few days after the announcement of Gear RVs, as well as that of which will be available at the time of some content marketing, the company has for example already Harmonix announced it would launch an application called Harmonix Music VR Gear Samsung headset for Samsung. Obviously he will be an app audio visualization suitable for virtual reality.

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