What is Resource Mobilization In Economics

What is Resource mobilization ?

Resource mobilization involves, procurement of resources that may be required to implement a strategy, and depending on the nature of the strategy, type and volume of resources will be determined. For example, a strategy involving substantial expansion of business will require huge resources of different types as compared to a strategy involving market development. An organization’s capacity to mobilize resources has reciprocal relationship with strategy.

What is Resource mobilization Strategy ?

On the one hand, Resource mobilization a strategy deter­mines what type of resources will be required; on the other hand, resource mobilization capacity determines what type of strategy will be selected. For example, high competence of Reliance Industries to mobilize financial and human resources has enabled it to go for highly investment-oriented strategies.

Resources can be owned, leased, or rented. What emphasis will be put on different sources depends on the nature of resources and resource procurement strategy of the organization. Traditionally, companies owned and controlled most of the resources that entered their business. But this situation is changing. Companies are finding that some resources are not performing as well as those that they could obtain from outside.

Many organizations have decided to outsource less critical resources if these can be obtained at better quality or lower cost from outside the company. For proper resource mobilization, a clear-cut resource mobilization strategy may be adopted.

According to the mobilization theory, a core professional group in a social movement organization works towards bringing money, supporters, attention of the media, alliances with those in power and refining the organizational structure. Social movements need the above resources to be effective because dissent and grievances alone will not generate social change. The theory advocates to have the right type of resource at right time, at right price with making right application of acquired resources in order to ensure optimum utilization of the same.

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