The Importance of E-Commerce in a Company

Having a web presence is very important, if not essential, for the majority  of companies selling directly to the customer. In fact, using the Internet to  reach new customer segments and to increase its turnover is commonplace in  business. Since importance of e-commerce is huge and it is one of the tools that companies use to sell their  products directly to the customer via their own website or intermediaries  like Amazon or eBay, for example.

Since importance of e-commerce is huge, it is not very difficult to build a website with an e-commerce platform to sell  products to customers. This platform actually becomes a domain on the Internet that  adds value to the company, and that will bring new customers and that will make  your products more accessible to your existing customers. Some companies even  exist only on the web, with no physical locations and making their sales  only through the electronic commerce. In this article we will deal mainly a  physically established company that wants up a website or integrate a trading  platform to an existing website.

The Addition of e-commerce in your company is interesting, since the web is  an unlimited marketplace with potential clients connected around the world at any point of time.   In understanding the importance of e-commerce, many small  SMEs have seen that their turnover increase sharply following their e-commerce  business.

Your website will allow the customer to easily view your product line, to  check whether they are in stock and will allow the company to easily reach  customers with promotions and discounts not only via the website itself but also via  mailing lists (subscription to the mailing list of the site).

The Platform of Electronic Commerce of a Company

Two great opportunities available to you for your e-commerce platform. The  first option is to use an intermediary company that offers ready  platform to list your products and achieve your sales. This solution has the  advantage to enjoy a solid architecture and attach a very large customer  base. Architecture is  well-established and diverse and it is relatively easy to navigate. However,  you should be aware that the company that offers the service will take its  share of profit in the sales process.

The second option is to integrate an e- commerce platform directly on your  website, giving you complete freedom on the layout, sales, hosting, etc. It  is possible to buy an e- commerce platform already developed or to develop  a customized solution.  The costs  related to this choice will be recurring or hosting costs, domain name and  possibly related to the inventory software. Yet these are not exorbitant for a company  and may be financially beneficial in the long term when compared to the first  opportunity for e-commerce in business.

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