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What is the University Recruitment in Accounting

As it is the season of campus recruitment, we decided to educate you on the university recruitment in accounting. In short, the university is recruiting a time, usually the first weeks of September, during which several large, medium and smaller firms open their doors to students of Universities. The primary objective for the student to find a summer internship or master’s (degree or MBA) in a firm that interests them.

During this period, students can participate in tours organized by the firms where they attempt to assert the values ​​and culture that is their business. The university recruitment is period of very interesting year for networking with various professionals in the field. This is also where most students visit an accounting firm for the first time and they can build an opinion on the career that interests them. Indeed, the student must choose the city where he wants to do his internship (and possibly pursue a career in the future), the size of the cabinet and then the cabinet itself. This can be a lot of questions and anxiety for a student is not likely familiar with the professional environment or has not thought about his future career before. The medium firms can seem daunting for some candidate early. Yet, after some practice visits, most future professionals gain confidence, experience and know what to expect.

A candidate with an excellent academic average and personality suited to accountancy firms will, more often than not choose the city and the cabinet in which he wants to work. Note that we use the term personality suited to the firm. Indeed, it’s not because your personality “fit” not present with offices around you that you have no future in accounting, on the contrary. In general, firms tend to look for candidates according to criteria very similar, the average school is often a very important criterion in the balance.

A candidate with a respectable average may have more difficulty finding an internship quickly and it will make efforts to get noticed by the firms. Yet it is not necessarily to be exuberant and grab all the attention. The important thing is to feel good through the recruitment process, to be consistent with his personality and not let the external negative influences reach you. During the campus recruitment in accounting, it is useless to try to play a character. Be yourself! If you get along with recruiters, there are good chances that the same is true for the majority of employees of the firm. It is important to understand that recruiters are not robots, they are people who like to socialize and meet new people. Get out your positive attitude, your manners and your positivism and may help you find an internship.

In case you have trouble finding an internship in accounting firm, all is not lost. Indeed, many opportunities exist courses in business or in the public service. in major Canadian companies like Bombardier Presumably, Telus, SNC-Lavalin and public entities such as the Auditor General of Quebec and Canada. These are Employers who offer very good benefits plans. It is also important to understand that if you are not of course the first time, this is not necessarily the problem to you. Some firms are seeking different types of candidates at different times and you perhaps not in the current mold. Yet the world of accounting is full of surprises and career opportunities worldwide. As part of the university recruitment in accounting, It is easy to see only the firms as a source of employment and forget the other job opportunities.

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