The Role of GPS in Information and Communication Technology

The abbreviated form of Global Positioning System is GPS. At the beginning of 70th decade, defense ministry of the United States discovered this. At first, it was ministry in military activities but now it is disclosed for the common people. GPS is a satellite-based communication system. It can inform us about the position of any place by the help of map.

At present if we want to get any place by driving car, we can easily reach to our destination by using GPS without knowing the place before. GPS can show our right place. Now, to run a car without driver, GPS system is used. To identify criminals or their places, GPS system is also used.

Inventors of GPS System:

  • Ivan A. Getting
  • Roger L. Easton
  • Bradford Parkinson

When was the first GPS navigation system invented?

It was invented in 1995. Oldsmobile introduced the first GPS navigation system available in a United States production car, called GuideStar.

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