PlayMe Apps: Augmented Reality Games of Seduction On Your Smartphone

PlayMe Apps: Augmented Reality Games of Seduction On Your Smartphone: There are many ways to meet people. Out for a drink with friends, clubbing, etc. Today virtual meetings in full swing and it is even more fun when you actually meet someone to play. If there is now a whopping dating sites, there is a little something that is missing: fun.

It is with this little more than PlayMe apps innovates by adding little fun in his way to meet his future flirt, see his “big love.” This application is smart enough in its operation because it allows us to challenge your future conquest with general knowledge questions, of which around heavy hey, hey Madmoizelle, you’re too nice! (By good I mean good)

PlayMe apps: it all starts with a challenge

Augmented reality games of seductionAfter downloading and installing the PlayMe apps for playing Augmented Reality Games of Seduction, you will be asked to note that Facebook will, note it for the most worried always confidential. Enter your criteria and preferences and dating application is responsible for finding players around you. You found your prey, it remains only the challenge by letting answer 5 questions. The little game going three rounds. You lost? He or she was smart enough to your liking? It remains only to take a step towards him with an instant message. For the rest, it’s you two who choose

This is a great innovation and above all fun to start a relationship asse way to break the ice as they say. If clicks, we can now meet the “elected” PlayMe apps messes habits drag and upsets traditions. The plus of this ingenious idea is that especially after this game challenge, it will give the matter following discussion when the two protagonists finally meet for a first date, a first dinner, which surely strengthen ties and complicity. PlayMe, extended flirt for Augmented Reality Games of Seduction.


> Download the application on iOS PlayMe  apps at –>>!-1er-jeu-pour-faire/id645942371?mt=8

Do not forget to put http://before.  Check whether your smartphone is compatible with the application.

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