Oplan Application :Applying All Your Tips

Oplan is an application that you find good deals around. Practice to save money.

As we say in Auvergne, there is no small savings. You spend a lot of time to cut out discount coupons to save a few euros when shopping. This practice tends to disappear. You get a ton of promotions per day and only 10% of them interest you. But as is often said in MeilleurMobile, for every problem there is an application. One that will make you money is called Oplan.

This application is compatible on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, offers tips using the geolocation of your smartphone. It is true that receive 10% discount at Ikea while the nearest store is 2 hours road is not very interesting. So if you are offered 10% in the bakery next door to you, it will be much more interesting.

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This example sums up the philosophy of Oplan, stop spamming you to offer you tips that will interest you for sure. To do this, Oplan uses geolocation your phone was said, but you can also customize your notifications by selecting the frequency and topics that interest you.

You can choose from 16 themes:


Health & Beauty
Leisure and Entertainment
Everything for children
Everything for your home
Cars & Motorcycles
Sports & Fitness
High Tech & Media
Travel & Hotel
Artisan & services
Nature & discoveries

With these two custom settings you receive some bargains that will interest you. If you find that the themes are too wide, one version is in preparation with further filtering in each theme.
Tips yes, but what stores?

Oplan therefore offers rebates on all kinds of products. You can receive such promotions for a supermarket (Dia), a local shop (the croissants) for a clothing store (Levis) or a bar (Cafe Oz).

For a complete list of participating merchants and to download the application, visit the website of Oplan.

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