Marketing Methods And Problems Of Specialty Goods

By specialty goods we mean those goods for which the consumer, before his need arises, possesses a preference map that indicates a willingness to expend the additional effort required to purchase the most preferred item rather than to buy a more readily accessible substitute. These goods have a particular attraction for the consumer and out of this attraction he goes out of his way to purchase them. The special purchasing effort that the consumer is willing to make is merely to locate the product or brand , not to compare it with others.

Marketing Methods and Problems of Specialty Goods:

Since a very few people buy the specialty goods infrequently the manufacturer need not try for widespread distribution as is required for the marketing of convenience goods. This factor compels the manufacturer to depend upon independent retailers. In the marketing of specialty goods the use of exclusive agency is quite common. Such goods can be most effectively sold through the exclusive agencies. Specialty goods are generally sold direct from the manufacturer to the retailer. In promoting sale of the product the winning of the co-operation of the retailer is important for the success of the manufacturer. Some manufacturers retail their product through their own stores. This mostly happens in the field of men’s clothing and men’s shoes.

The manufacturer does not need his product on display at many stores because the consumers seek out the store which offers the particular article they want. But in specialty goods, their is great opportunity for advertising and salesmanship. The manufacturers and the retailer must, in order to induce the potential buyer to purchase his article by capturing his fancy, inform the consumers about the special characteristics of the article. This can be done by extensive advertising.

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