Motorola’s new Technology on Password Generation

Google-owned Motorola mobile authentication has two new projects on the electronic display. They can be used as a substitute for your password. For the safety of the Website and the financial institutions, your provider is using multi-step confirmation process to enhance security, the Motorola’s upcoming Solutions of modern technology.

The company is working on the development of an electronic tattoos or body which will work as your password. The tattoos have special circuit inside it with the outside Gadgets for Identity verification is to be completed.

It is not the end! Motorola is surprising us in the discovery of these tattoos. It is a small device that resembles a pill or tablet. This electronic pill, with a glass of water, if you swallow, turns into “Authentication Token”. This new concept of Motorola is seem little ridiculous. No batteries are needed to run this electronic tablet. The device will take the necessary strength from stomach acid. An 18 bit signal will be transmitted from your body after eating pills which will generate the password and that will be used instead.

However, it is an early experimental stage of the technology. Motorola representative said that the technology will come in the market quite later. So, at least until they remember your password, you must wait.

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