Use Nokia Lumia 1020 as professional telescope

Here’s a good reason to keep your Nokia Lumia 1020. Are you fascinated by space? You’ll be able to turn your Nokia Lumia 1020 into professional range telescope . Ultrascope project will allow you to have this opportunity. So keep your Nokia Lumia 1020 for see celestial objects in future.

If the VR Gear Samsung Galaxy Note 4 transforms into virtual reality headset, Microsoft took the idea of ​​exploiting the NPC overpowering Nokia Lumia 1020 to allow users to capture “celestial professional quality images.”

The project is called Ultrascope and this is the result of collaboration between Microsoft and OSA (Open Space Agency). With an accessory which is 1 meter tall and has an Arduino controller engine , it will be possible to transform your old smartphone ( Nokia 1020 Lumia) in a telescope, and thus achieve the one of your childhood dreams.

The bad news is that it will have to wait. Indeed, the project is still in beta testing. They are currently recruiting testers to improve the prototype. And  Open Space Agency is still working with Microsoft to develop an apps for Lumia smartphones that will accompany the device.

The good news is that once everything is tweaked, OSA intends to designs hardware and software part for internet users. Indeed, the elements can be printed in 3D. So what it will be is the DIY (Do It Yourself). Barilla is working on 3D printing for 6 reasons to love 3D printers.

You already own a smartphone or not own yet  assuming that  it will be very expensive. As a reminder I can say that the peculiarity of the Nokia Lumia 1020 is its image sensor is of 41 megapixels and you can buy it to enjoy night sky.

How will it work?

A computer (Windows) will seek direction for the device. This gives an order to the Arduino controller that will give a signal to the engine. The latter is responsible for aiming the Ultrascope. And once that is done, the Lumia will capture images that are transferred to the cloud and processed to make the image usable.

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