How is Vroom Jago Leadership Model Different from Others

Vroom Jago Leadership Model is a situational leadership modelĀ  which emphasizes on the role played by leaders in decision making process. The evaluation of leader’s effectiveness in terms of different criteria including decision making quality, commitment to implementation of new ideas, employee development and cost as opposed to the other leadership models, which consider only one or two criteria of performance and employee satisfaction.

If a situation requires making a decision with a group, the Vroom Jago leadership model is the only model that precisely stresses on the selection of an appropriate leadership style. If continuous improvement in individual performance is regarded most important, then the Situational Leadership style like Vroom Jago may be more worthwhile.

Vroom Jago leadership model varies from other models in the following ways:

(1) this model emphasizes on the role played by leaders in making decisions or decision making process

(2) it uses a decision matrix for diagnosing the situation in a systematic basis and

(3) it stresses different measures in evaluating leader effectiveness.

While other models are intended to select among task and relationship-oriented leadership styles, the Vroom Jago model chooses a style along a continuum from autocratic to participative leadership model. The solid decision matrix and related Expert System or computer program are probably the most noteworthy magnitudes in the model.

Because they expedite a cautious and organized diagnosis of the situation so that the leaders can make effective decision. Diagnosis in the other leadership models is less refined and more spontaneous.

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