10 tips for cleaning a shirt in all circumstances

The centerpiece of the arsenal of the frame, the shirt should be the subject of attention.

View daily impeccable shirt with sleeves bend razor blades and a perfectly symmetrical collar is not so difficult … provided you have the right method and master the basic steps. I, point by point to the fundamental details you board eyes closed (or almost) and creases in a shirt a snap.

For this issue, we interviewed Elisabeth, a Parisian maid who has thirty years of experience to his credit. True expert ironing, thousands of shirts rose in his hands. With his guidance you will never have to, like winter, wear your jacket as a camouflage. Here are the ten essential tips:

Fold your shirt like a pro
Steam ironing your shirt in 5 minutes
Iron the collar with dexterity
Sleeves and cuffs a vengeance
Shoulders side
The body of the shirt
Before step of the ironing board
Observe the indicated temperature
How (good) to his shirt into his pants
His shirt back into his underwear: big mistake!

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