10 Childhood Habits For Staying Healthy

Good habits can save us from hundreds of dangers in our life. So we should grow good habits from our childhood and maintain throughout our life in order to stay healthy at all time. Childhood is the major time of practicing good habits when the child learns from the family and its surroundings. The following ten good habits can help us staying healthy and which should be indispensable part of our daily life :

  1. Cleaning Hands: Hands are the main source of germs for most stomach diseases. So we should wash our hands with soap every day, before meal and after using toilet.
  2. Wearing Clean Dress: To get rid of skin diseases, we should wear neat and clean dresses.
  3. Bathing and Brushing Teeth: Bathing keeps us fresh and drives the lethargy away. Brushing teeth twice everyday keeps us having healthy teeth and gum.
  4. Eating Balanced Diet: We have to avoid Trans fat and should eat a balanced diet every day. Because, a balanced diet contains adequate amounts of all the necessary nutrients in order to keep our body healthy and strong. Without a balanced diet, we will not be able to stay healthy.
  5. Doing Physical Exercise: To keep our body fit for work, we have to do physical exercise regularly.
  6. Going to Bed Early: Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. We should have enough rest
  7. Drinking Enough Water: We should drink enough clean and pure water because 70% of our body is formed with water.
  8. Offering Prayer: Offering prayer will keep our mind fresh keep us away from unhealthy foods and deeds.
  9. Keeping Surroundings Clean: We should keep garbage in proper place which will prevent germs to spread. This will help us staying healthy.
  10. Limiting Use of Electronic Appliances: Excessive use of electronic devices such as TV, mobile phone, tablets, computer etc. will make our brain cells hyper active and muscles weak. So we have to limit the usage of these things to stay healthy.

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